Scalp pigmentation

Hair micro pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation is the technical term for what is essentially a large tattoo on the balding area of the scalp, a practice that goes back hundreds of years. The tattoo artist tries to imitate the look of hair follicles covering the scalp by drawing thousands of tiny dots representing hairs, thereby creating the illusion that the head has simply been shaved. The hair loss sufferer then keeps their own hair very close shaved, giving what some term the ‘doorman’ look. The aim is to create the appearance of a close-cropped hair style.

Brown and black ink offer the best chance of convincing people that the tattooed dots are hair follicles, as long as there is sufficient short shaved stubbled hair remaining. This technique is not as effective on people with blonde or red In addition, once the shaved hair recedes, the tattooed scalp is revealed, meaning there is a part of the scalp with natural hair growth, another part with tattooed dots and another with no hair growth and no tattoos. Another issue is that, over time, most tattoo inks fade and sometimes low quality inks discolour or blur into each other. In extreme cases, this can give customers the appearance of having an almost blue scalp.

Scalp pigmentation is as painful as having a regular tattoo and can require several sessions at the tattoo studio. Unfortunately, it won’t give you a full head of hair at all and limits your styling options considerably: you have one permanent If you have some remaining hair, scalp pigmentation forces you to shave your head regularly in order to maintain an even look. If you were to stop shaving, hair would start growing everywhere on your head with the exception of one area that would always look like hair was just about to grow. As with every other kind of tattoo, the quality of the end result depends on the talent and experience of the tattoo artist, there is a potential danger that the tattooed area of the scalp can look artificial and unrealistic. Finally, some people feel that the shaved look doesn’t suit them, either because of the shape of their skull, or because it can make them look quite hard and serious.


Between £2,000 and £5,000, depending on the company.

Success rate

It is difficult to determine the success rate as many factors play a part, such as the skills of the tattoo artist, your style and head shape and your willingness to shave your head every day.

Side Effects:

Some customers can have a reaction to the tattoo ink. Others can get a skin infection. Removing the scalp pigmentation is also painful, again carries the risk of infection and can be expensive, with mixed results.


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