Hair restoration and replacement videos

Jonas' transformation

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My name is Jonas. I suffer from Male Pattern Baldness.While a lot of people say ‘it is just hair’, hair loss bothers me a lot. I lost my hair in my early 20’s and it was never something I could take lightly. It made me feel old before I was even young and it knocked my confidence. This made me research, develop and look for a solution. So I was out there looking for a solution that could help me. Years and years of research, development, sweat and tears and here I am today with hair. And as much as I look like a guy with hair, I once lost my hair.I have been wearing Total Cover Plus hair systems for almost 10 years. This has changed my self perception completely. I’m now a guy with hair. Of course I know that I’m still a guy with hair loss, but I feel like a guy with hair and this is great. This has improved my life completely.

Steve's transformation

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Steve is a musician who lost his hair in his early 20s. Because of his job he is always in the spotlight, and, knowing how superficially judgemental the music business can be, he felt he couldn't cope with it. He used every trick in the book to disguise his hair loss, but eventually he researched for a while and found Total Cover Plus. The honest fact that Total Cover Plus showcased real people with real issues and their solution convinced him to give it a try. Once he had a system and saw what a difference it made to him, he really wanted to share his journey with others. So he made a few video blogs that attracted a lot of attention! Watch Steve’s story and see him get his hair back.

Abi's' transformation

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It is important to us that you can see how the Total Cover Plus hair system works and that you understand everything about it. That’s why we have asked some of our customers about their experiences with the Total Cover Plus hair system and filmed their replies. Some of our customers, like Steve, have also made their own video blogs (vlogs) to share their experience. See Steve’s face change as we give him back a full head of hair, watch Tim as he goes diving with his hair system and get styling tips from John. Ajay will tell you about all of the hair loss solutions that he tried and Tom shares his hair system tips, tells you more about his life with a hair system, but also shows you what tricks help him to always have a great looking hair system. Abi tells you about her hair loss journey and how alopecia affected her live. Just see how hair changes their lives and how Total Cover Plus was able to help.

Will's transformation

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Will is a young man who was losing his hair. He is very athletic and active and plays football 3 to 4 times a week. He disguised his hair loss by styling it in certain ways so that it wasn’t too obvious. However, the lack of hair still seriously affected his self- esteem and confidence and made him feel pretty low. So when he found out about Total Cover Plus hair systems he was keen to try one. Watch Will get his hair system.

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