Frequently asked questions about hair systems

How does your money back guarantee work?

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How does your money back guarantee work? We believe so much in our product that we provide a 100% money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with it.

Everything we tell you on our website is real. But we don’t just want you to simply take our word. We know that getting a hair system can seem like a big commitment at first, so we want to make the process as safe and easy as possible. If you, for whatever reason, are not fully satisfied with the standard hair system we will give you your money back.

Here’s how it works:

If you are a first time customer we will refund the full cost of the 1st Standard hair system (not the service charge) if you return your standard TCP hair system to the hair studio within 5 days after the initial application. At the hair studio you will be asked to fill out our return form. Once you have done this, the salon will refund your money for the cost of the 1st standard TCP hair system.

What’s not to like?

Do I have to commit myself to any contracts if I want a Total Cover Plus hair system system?

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We know that our AirActive ContactSkin® hair system is the best product on the market and freedom is an essential part of our philosophy.

That’s why we have a solution for everybody – it is up to you if you stay independent and PAY AS YOU GO or if you opt for long-term security and pay monthly with our FLATRATE. There are no maintenance obligations. The Total Cover Plus hair system should adapt to your life and not vice versa.

Why is there a service charge?

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We want our prices to be completely transparent. That’s why we divide them up into the price for the Total Cover Plus hair system and the price for the service at your salon. The price for the hair system is the same everywhere, but the service charge differs from salon to salon. This service includes the cleaning of the scalp, preparation of the scalp, application of the Total Cover Plus hair system, customisation, cut, blow dry, styling and styling tips. You can expect the whole procedure to take between 2 and 3 hours.

Does the Total Cover Plus hair system stay on my head all the time?

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Yes. The Total Cover Plus hair system is only removed during your next appointment at the salon, just before you get your new hair system. You can shower in it, exercise in it, do everything as you normally would.

Does it hurt?

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Unlike most other hair replacement methods, which are painful and/or have serious side effects, the Total Cover Plus hair system does NOT hurt at all. We use medical grade, pH neutral materials that have never caused any allergic reactions and do not pose any risk to your health.

I have very sensitive skin. Do I have to worry about allergic reactions when I wear the Total Cover Plus hair system?

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All the materials we use conform to surgical standards and have been used by medical professionals for years without causing any allergic reactions. Our materials have also been dermatologically tested and proven to be completely safe.

What can and can't I do with a Total Cover Plus hair system?

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Whatever you do with your normal hair you can do with the Total Cover Plus hair system too. You can shower, swim, drive a convertible or go sky diving, your hair won’t hold you back. However, we do recommend that you only use Total Cover Plus styling products.

What hair styles can I have?

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You can have almost any hairstyle you want. You can wear your hair long or short, comb it back or wear it spiky. On our website you can find a range of photos and videos of different hairstyles. If you have a specific hairstyle in mind, why not get in touch and make an appointment with one of our salons?

Do I have to use special hair care products?

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We offer our own range of haircare products which have been developed specifically for the Total Cover Plus hair system and therefore provide the best care possible. This is the only way for you to make sure that you get the most out of your hair system. Our products contain less silicone, softening agents and alcohol than regular haircare products and are the best day to day care for your hair system.

Why is the Total Cover Plus hair system right for me?

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In our society people are judged on their appearance. An attractive appearance leaves a good first impression and can lead to better opportunities when it comes to jobs or partners. It also gives a real boost to a person’s confidence. Surveys have shown that people with hair not only look younger, but are also consistently associated with more positive attributes than bald people. This highlights the obstacles that hair loss can create in everyday life. Our Total Cover Plus hair system can solve all these problems for you.

What are the alternatives to hair systems?

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One obvious alternative is to go bald. Some people feel confident and look great with a bald head. If this is the case with you then it is the most cost effective option for you. If you look better with hair then there is no alternative that really compares to the Total Cover Plus hair system. However, we have gathered more information about other hair loss solutions here.

Where can I get more information?

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Call us, email us and/or arrange an appointment at one of the Total Cover Plus partner salons. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Simply click HERE to find out how you can get in touch.

How does the Total Cover Plus hair system work?

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The Total Cover Plus hair system is based on the following 4 principles:
non-chemical, non-surgical, non-invasive and undetectable

The basis of our hair system is our unique Total Cover Plus Hair System, which has an artificial skin that imitates the properties of the human epidermis, the top layer of the skin. It is only 0.03mm thin, has pores and is breathable. This allows your skin to breathe and sweat naturally while you are wearing the hair system. We implant individual human hairs randomly into this artificial skin, creating the impression that the hair is naturally growing out of the artificial skin. Each Total Cover Plus hair system is unique and customised to fit the exact balding/thinning area on your scalp. It is carefully bonded to your skin, using a water based and toxin free bond, and remains in place for up to 7 weeks. The Total Cover Plus hair system becomes a part of you without restricting you in any way and allows you to live your life to the fullest.

How long does the hair system last?

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Our special Ultra Bond Extreme bond, the adhesive we use to bond the hair system to your scalp, generally lasts for up to 7 weeks. We also believe that our hair system looks its best within this period, which is an incredibly important factor for us. Whilst we want our systems to last, we know that how it looks is crucial to you and to us. Each client is unique and many clients comfortably exceed our wearing time. We have seen clients wearing their hair system for up to 16 weeks, while for others it just doesn’t last as long. Hence, to give you realistic and reasonable expectations, we say that it lasts up to 7 weeks. Whether it lasts longer or not depends very strongly on your body chemistry, your life style and how well you look after your hair.

Your body:

The acidity level of your sweat can have an influence on the longevity of the bond. Oily skin and the amount of sweat can also affect the adhesion and hence require rebonding maintenance.

Your lifestyle:

Your lifestyle can have a serious effect on your hair. For instance, the more often you swim in chlorine or salt water or spend time sweating in gyms or saunas, the faster your hair will degrade. Other factors, like diet, high alcohol intake, drug use and the styling products you use, can also have an influence on the system’s longevity.

Our Total Cover Plus Hair System creates the perfect illusion of a naturally growing, full head of hair. This is possible because we only use real hair of immaculate quality. Naturally growing hair undergoes a process of constant renewal and therefore tends to always look good. But hair that doesn’t grow can’t renew itself and over time it can begin to look dull and unhealthy. This happens with any hair replacement system, including hair extensions.

We believe that in order to make sure that your Total Cover Plus hair system always looks perfect you should exchange it regularly. How long it lasts depends on you. The better you look after your hair system the longer it will look good and the longer it will last.

Why should I get a new hair system at least every 7 weeks?

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Growing hair undergoes a process of constant renewal. This means that you lose and re-grow new hair every day. This ensures that you always have healthy new hair on your head. The hair in a hair replacement system doesn’t grow and therefore doesn’t undergo this process of renewal. If you have a toupee or a wig this means that you wear the same hair for up to 12 months. Unfortunately, the hair will start to fade and look dull after only 8 weeks. With our Total Cover Plus hair system we can guarantee that the hair always looks good by exchanging it regularly. And this will cost you far less than a toupee.

How much does a standard hair system cost?

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We believe that you should be able to buy a hair system without committing yourself economically before knowing if this is even for you. The most important thing for us is that you maintain complete financial freedom. We want you to have the choice of how to access your hair system.

PAY AS YOU GO simply means:

Whenever you want a new hair system, you contact your nearest Total Cover Plus partner salon directly and book an appointment for a new system and fitting/styling, during which you pay for your hair system. Each hair system costs you $749.


For just $249 per month you can have up to 12 hair systems a year or 1 a month. The FLATRATE ensures that you are completely flexible.

- You are in full control of your finances
- No long term contract and easy cancellation policy
- Price Cap
- Save up to 67%
- Conveniently low monthly payments Which option you go with is completely up to you.

A service charge applies at the salon for the hair system application. The service charge depends on the salon. Please contact your regarding the service charge.
You have two options: PAY AS YOU GO and FLATRATE

Does a Total Cover Plus hair system work for everyone?

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We believe that our hair systems are suitable for most people with hair loss. However, there are many individual factors that can affect the hair system and these can differ considerable between people. Therefore there aren’t clear categories that can define how suitable our hair system is for any given person. Below you can find out more about the three most important factors.

The best thing in general is to go for a free initial consultation at one of our partner salons during which the stylist will assess your hair loss and determine if our hair system is suitable for you.

Hair loss:

The less hair you have the better the hair system will work for you. Any hair underneath the hair system keeps growing. The more hair growth you have underneath the hair system the more hair could potentially push up and subsequently cause the bond to be less effective. Also, the larger the bald area, the stronger the bond, as any tension on the hair system can be spread out more widely Therefore the rule of thumb is: The less hair the better.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be completely bald. It simply gives you an indication of how the hair system works best.

For people with diffuse or patchy hair loss or fine hair, such as you would see with female pattern baldness or alopecia areata, a hair integration system may be more suitable.


The PH level of your sweat (or in other words: how acidic your sweat is) is an important factor in terms of how long the bond will last. The more acidic your sweat the faster it will affect the bond. The overall amount of sweat also has an effect.


The oilier the skin the more it affects the bond. We can also only apply the system to healthy skin, so if you have a rash, a wound or any other skin issues on your head, we won’t apply the hair system until your scalp has healed.

Please keep in mind that for only around 1 in 10,000 people our hair system is not suitable due to acidic/excess sweat and oily/damaged/sensitive skin. So generally this is something most people should not worry about.

Do I need to be completely bald for a Total Cover Plus hair system?

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In other words: the more hair you have the more often you need to maintain your hair system.

A lot of people want to transition between losing their hair and getting a hair system at an early stage to ensure that other people do not notice the change. This is usually possible.
The less hair you have the less there is that can interfere with the hair system bonding and lasting for a good period of time. That, however, doesn’t mean that you have to be completely bald. More hair simply means that it can affect the longevity of the bond.

Is there a way to gradually restore a full head of hair from being completely bald?

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One of the great benefits of the Total Cover Plus hair system is the hair re-grow simulation. It means that we have the option to gradually add more hair in every session, moving your hairline or filling in bald spots bit by bit and thereby creating the illusion that your hair is re-growing slowly over a period of time. We can do the same with hair length, giving the impression that your hair is gradually growing longer like natural hair would.

Why don't you use a longer lasting bond?

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Our bond lasts for up to 7 weeks and for some people it even lasts considerably longer, so from our experience the bond lasts very long.

Our bond is toxin free and water based. This means it is gentle to the scalp and doesn’t pose a health risk. It has an EC certificate which states that it is not harmful to human health.

In order to make it stronger we would have to use harmful ingredients that would create a health risk and would cause skin irritations and an uncomfortable experience. We don’t like the idea of that, so we decided no to do it.

Furthermore, due to the skin’s natural cell regeneration there is no bond that could stick forever. More aggressive bonds would simply be bad for your health.

Taking everything into account, we use the longest lasting bond that doesn’t have an adverse effect on your body.

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