Why is Propecia not a good idea for battling your hair loss?

We all know the running jokes about baldness between a group of men and those who are suffering from the ailment will usually laugh it off and pretend it doesn’t have any effect; but more often than not it does.For most men, becoming bald is just part of getting older, but this does not make it any easier to deal with. In some cases, it can even affect younger men, which causes untold embarrassment and insecurity at a time when they are trying to feel comfortable in their own skin.Whether we admit it or not, hair loss leaves men feeling unattractive and it can have severe effects on how someone looks and feels. It can make them appear older than they are and, although there is the solution of shaving your hair off completely, many people worry about whether or not the look would suit them and are unwilling to take the risk. No one wants to make themselves look unattractive or be a laughing stock and with hair loss, it is not easy to cover up.Of course, there are plenty of options on the market which promise to relieve baldness and help you to grow a full head of hair in days, but more often than not, these can have severe side effects. Propecia, for example, is a drug which claims to ‘cure’ baldness. However, there are two problems when it comes to Propecia.Firstly, taking Propecia will not give you back the hair you have already lost. What it can do is prevent your existing follicles from dying so that you maintain whatever hair you have for longer, but this effect only lasts as long as you take the drug. And once a follicle has stopped producing hair it can't be revived by any drug that currently exists. Once you have lost your hair it will not grow back, no matter what you do.Secondly, Propecia unfortunately is associated with a number of serious side effects.Mental IllnessIt is thought that Propecia can cause side effects for a person’s state of mind, including depression and anxiety. These symptoms can range from mild to very severe and can lead to other illnesses.CancerStudies in men using Propecia have found that it can lead to an increase in the likelihood of suffering from both male breast cancer and prostate cancer. It has also been known to cause severe pain in the testicles.Sexual EffectsIn some cases, Propecia has also led to difficulties with sexual performance, including a reduced sex drive, abnormal ejaculation and impotence. In a few cases these side effects even persisted after people stopped taking the drug, which makes it particularly worrying.There is no taking away from the seriousness of hair loss and the effects it can have on a person, both mentally and physically, but taking drugs or going under the knife is only going to lead to further issues and there is no guarantee that these will work.An increasingly popular method of dealing with hair loss is to use hair systems made from artificial skin implanted with human hair. This not only provides an effective way of disguising your hair loss which is only noticeable by yourself, it is also a quick and simple process, which does not involve any surgery or dangerous side effects.Unlike toupees or wigs which can become lopsided or blow away, this type of hair replacement is bound to the head for several weeks at a time and will never fall off or cause any kind of embarrassment.No one wants to be judged or ridiculed because of their hair loss or feel like they have lost their looks, which is why this solution is the ideal answer for those who suffer and worry as a result of their loss of hair.

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