Why are drugs not the solution for Male Pattern Baldness?

There is a whole unresolved issue surrounding all types of ingested drug supplements. The concept regarding hair loss issues is very simple. Can scientists create a combination of drugs into one capsule that will somehow change our internal chemical glands? The idea is that if scientists can somehow block or retard our organs and glands involved in the creation of DHT and other naturally occurring chemicals that lead to hair loss issues then technically men and women would not lose their hair! And if you search the net you will come across lots of such products claiming to do just that.Sadly this is not the fact. As well as their chemical cousins of foams and sprays that are rubbed onto the scalp the best these ‘wonder drugs’ have achieved is in limited cases the slowing of hair loss and in some cases a tiny amount of ‘re-growth’ but by ‘re-growth’ we mean a light fluff of hair not long and strong hair that can be styled. The studies that certified the effectiveness of the drugs were made by the manufacturers of these drugs and therefore had only one aim, namely to show some effectiveness. And any ‘re-growth’ is only ‘guaranteed’ as long as you use the drugs for the rest of your life. You stop using the product your new hair disappears!Certain drugs like Propecia/Finasterid have even been linked to men suffering sexual side effects including low libido, orgasm failure and erectile failure and long term impotence! But to be fair they do list these side effects both on their website and packaging.So it is worth noting that despite the pain of losing one’s hair trying drug treatments that either gives a person a tiny amount of covering onto the bare scalp at the risk of ill health and long term personal problems I know which route I would never consider. Of course it would be great if a pill came out and we all got a full thick head of hair back. BUT THIS PILL DOES NOT EXIST! At Total Cover Plus we believe if you want to look into the mirror and see the old you. That’s something we can do. A full head of great hair. And still everything works! Sorry to burst the myths but we hope we can keep you healthy.For more info please see this article by the BBC:http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/12040303Or watch these videos:http://www.youtube.com/propeciahelp

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