What Age Do You Get Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a condition which many men often think about. They wonder if they are going to go bald and, if so, when? This is because male pattern baldness is a complaint which affects millions of people every year, all round the world.However, those suffering from male pattern baldness can first experience the symptoms in their late teens and early to mid 20's. Later, as they get a few years older, they may realize that the full head of hair they once had has began to disappear. This is sometimes a genetic condition, often facilitated by stress and aging. The thinning usually begins above the temples and recedes back toward the top of the scalp. This is what is known as a widow's peak. Men with a widow’s peak have suffered hair loss due to male pattern baldness.It is common for young people with male pattern baldness to have confidence and self-esteem issues relating to their appearance. It is also said almost a quarter of men begin displaying the signs of their condition by their thirties.At whatever age they may be, men often look for ways of treating male pattern baldness. For instance, they may choose to wear a wig, which could be costly and may not fit properly. This is along with looking unconvincing, thus defeating the entire purpose.They could undergo a hair transplant, which may lead to life-long scarring, while only covering a small portion of the head. They may also opt for drugs and medication, which may have serious repercussions or side effects. Many people underestimate the potential drawbacks of certain so-called anti hair loss drugs. They have been known to diminish a person’s sex drive, or even cause health issues, from dizziness to cardiac problems. There is a great deal to consider.You can be rest assured though that, whenever you show the symptoms of male pattern baldness, Total Cover Plus has the knowledge and skills to help you. If you wish to conceal the visible signs of your condition, and look and feel years younger, then opt for our hair replacement system.We can allow you, through the most up to date technology, to hide any trace of male pattern baldness. Total Cover Plus offers the finest, long lasting hair solutions. It utilises the latest bio engineered artificial skin, which replicates the human epidermis, or the top layer of skin. It is only 0.03 mm thick, elasticised and breathable. The system also uses the highest standard of human hair. It is implanted on to the skin and they are bonded on the scalp. The process leaves you with real looking hair and a natural looking hairline. It can successfully hide the onset of male pattern baldness, at whichever age you may be.Find out more, or set up a consultation and treatment, by calling us for free at 0800 689 0077. You can also fill in the call back service form or send an email.

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