Weird Wig Trends – From Baby Toupees to Merkins

Wigs aren't just reserved for those experiencing hair loss, at least not if some of the latest bizarre and wonderful trends are anything to go by. There have been some weird wig trends over the last few decades, thanks to celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Cara Delevingne (she wears eyebrow wigs!). We've put together some of the best and some of the...weirdest.Baby ToupeesThere have been a wide range of hilarious baby trends this past year, including the famed eyebrow drawing. However, one of the strangest things we've seen is baby toupees; effectively, small people with big people's hair. Although many of these baby trends start off as a joke, and certainly not to hide hair loss, many people have now taken to taking their children out in wigs and hair extensions. We say let babies be babies, unless it's for a funny photo opportunity!Knitted WigsThis is the ultimate in wig trends if you've experienced hair loss and fancy brightening up the issue. Knitted wigs have been around for some time, but they've only just started to get any limelight. With a knitted wig you can opt for pretty much any style you can think of, from pink pigtails to Princess Leia's famous buns. Even if you're not experiencing hair loss, these are still a great way to keep your head warm in the winter and create a whole new style for yourself.Animal HairpiecesWhat's better than a dog in a Tina Turner costume? How about a dog in a Tina Turner costume, complete with matching wig? We think this is an epically funny Halloween idea, but people have taken it one step further by investing in actual hairpieces for their pets to wear on a daily basis. From blonde wigs for fashionista felines to curly caramel locks for canines. We wonder how these animals feel about their brand new hair? And do you think pets would want to wear wigs if they were experiencing hair loss? Unfortunately, we'll probably never find out!MerkinsAlso known as pubic wigs, merkins have been around for quite some time and were originally used as an admittedly surprising way of combatting pubic lice. In more recent times they have been used by actors and actresses for naked film roles. Merkins are now being used by women (and men) all over the world who want to give themselves a fuller and more retro look. You can also get 'face merkins', AKA eyebrow wigs, as worn by model Cara Delevingne. Merkins are also used by people who experience hair loss all over their body, due to conditions such as alopecia.These are just some of the many weird and wonderful wig trends in the world today, believe us when we say there are tons more. If you're experiencing hair loss then you could opt for one of these strange trends... Or, you could speak to the team at Total Cover Plus and find a solution that really works.

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