Wayne Rooney and Hair Loss

When Wayne Rooney first had his hair transplant a lot of people were unsure what to think of it, as it didn’t give him a great full thick head of hair. Back then all of the experts claimed that obviously it would take up to 12 months to see the full final effect. However today we can see the full effect of his £30,000 upwards makeover. He turned from a guy with receded hairline and thinning hair into a guy with a bit thicker hair and a slightly less receded hairline. But hopefully he feels happier which is the main thing for him I guess.He is only 27, which means that on top of the unsatisfactory result of such a surgery his hair loss will evolve. In other words he will keep losing hair until he has to go through the whole procedure again. Unfortunately you can’t repeat this procedure endlessly.So the essence of all of this is, we have a man who spent a lot of money in the battle for hair in order to be still a bit bald. It’s a good job he has lots of money! Don’t get me wrong - hair transplants can work, but unfortunately not for everyone. There are people in different hair loss stages that can have quite long lasting results with hair transplant surgery however.Personally I do think that Wayne Rooney looks a bit better than he did before.The terrible thing about losing your hair however is the initial stage when you try and hide the fact that you are losing your hair. Constantly wearing hats or using that powder stuff. You are denying the fact that your hair will be gone soon. You act as if you had more hair and as if nobody would notice. This stage is the most painful and the most difficult. Once you have lost your hair and have accepted it or if you have got a Hair System you generally feel less self-conscious and of course you don’t feel so unconfident or troubled. But this very special early thinning stage is the most painful for hair loss sufferers. Unfortunately Wayne Rooney has ensured that he will experience this stage for longer by going down the hair transplant surgery route. I find it a bit sad and simply hope that he is well.All of this simply means that if you are losing your hair and want to do something about it, please be a little more critical. Remember a wig or a toupee is effectively a hat with hair. And powders and sprays mean you won’t let people touch your head. In other words how practical a ‘solution’ are they really? On our website there is a big section about hair loss and available treatments on the market. Please check it out and learn more about it.

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