Our Survey – Does Hair Loss Make You Less Attractive?

There have been countless surveys on hair loss in the past, especially in relation to attractiveness. From psychological research to newspaper polls, it seems as though everyone has the same question: “Does hair loss make you less attractive?”. Let's take a look at some of the survey findings and try to answer that all-important question.Balding in Men and AttractivenessYou can find a whole range of surveys and research online in regards to hair loss in men and whether this has an impact on their attractiveness. A third of women in a survey conducted in Ireland ranked hair to be one of the top factors when it came to sexual appeal. The same survey conducted in the UK stated that many women would not be that bothered by hair loss if they were already in a relationship with the person. However, 71% of men said they felt less attractive when going through hair loss, which then had an impact on their relationships. It seems as though these surveys conclude that many women value good hair when it comes to sex appeal and many men see themselves as less attractive when balding.Psychological Impact of Hair LossAn interesting survey into hair loss and attractiveness was conducted by a group of psychiatrists in Madrid several years ago. The objective of the research was to discover whether hair really does play an important part in self-confidence and whether hair loss had a negative psychological impact on Europeans. 47% of the people surveyed had experienced hair loss and a whopping 62% of these said it had affected their self esteem. Nearly 50% of the people surveyed were concerned about losing a big part of what makes them attractive: their hair! The research concluded that after hair loss treatment, many of the respondents felt confident again.So, Does Hair Loss Make You Less Attractive?Ultimately, it seems to be more about how attractive you feel as opposed to how attractive people perceive you to be. When you feel less attractive then it can make you seem unattractive to other people; it's a never-ending cycle of self esteem. With this in mind, and the results of the psychological impact survey, it seems as though treating the issue of hair loss is the way forward. However, the wrong treatment can leave those with hair loss feeling more dejected than before. Going back to the psychological survey, only 73 of the 1536 respondents were pursuing a hair loss treatment that they felt actually worked. Nearly 60% of these people said that fighting against hair loss and balding had drastically improved their self esteem. It seems as though there is a big gap in those experiencing hair loss and those getting the right treatment. Filling that gap could make a huge difference to the self esteem of millions of peoples.If you want to improve your self esteem with a hair loss solution that really works, then give Total Cover Plus a call; we'll help you be the best that you can be!

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