Odd Hair Loss Cures and Do They Really Work?

People have been trying to find cures for hair loss as far back as Ancient Egyptian times, with everything from snake oil to vitamins being tried out as a remedy. But which of these hair loss cures have actually made a difference, if any? Let's take a look at some of the oddest hair loss cures from over the years and whether any of them really work.Palm Oil According to some researchers, using palm oil on your hair every day can prevent hair loss and even stimulate regrowth. The antioxidants in palm oil, such as Vitamin A, D and K, are supposed to make this perfect for your scalp and healthy hair. However, there is no justifiable proof that palm oil can do anything to rectify hair loss. Not only that, but there are dozens of campaigns trying to stop the use of palm oil completely, due to the impact it has on the environment and natural habitats as well as the exploitation of workers involved in its production.Yeast Infection Cream This is not a joke, there really has been an increase of people using yeast infection cream to try and stop hair loss, whilst helping hair grow back. Dozens of beauty bloggers and vloggers have said they have seen incredible results by using yeast infection cream, with some claiming they're growing back 2-3 inches of hair a month! The active ingredients within vaginal creams could help your hair grow, but do you really want to be putting this stuff on your scalp?Vitamins There have been plenty of claims recently that certain vitamins can help your hair grow back, especially prenatal vitamins. The high levels of folic acid and iron can apparently spur hair growth and put an end to hair loss once and for all, but can they really? Although it may help your hair grow, it will be slow and probably won't work for issues such as alopecia or male pattern baldness. Plus, too much of these types of vitamins can actually be dangerous, so make sure you talk to your doctor if you're thinking about trying vitamins for hair loss.Certain Foods Another weird and wonderful hair loss remedy that doesn't really seem to have that much science behind it. In fact, it seems as though every day there's a new food type that can help you grow miraculously long locks. Here are just some of the foods that people have claimed can cure hair loss:

And many, many moreThe fact is, people are always going to come up with what they believe is the 'next best' hair loss treatment. If you actually want a treatment that works, and don't want to cover your hair in yeast infection cream, then talk to Total Cover Plus and see what we can do for you.

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