My Total Cover Plus Hair System experience

What happens when women get really CLOSE ;)I had been in a relationship for 9 years. Even though we weren’t married, the only difference in our relationship to a marriage was the ring. She knew everything about me. She was with me when I started losing my hair. Losing my hair was a very difficult time for me. I was always perceived as a positive, open and very self-confident person. Unfortunately this created a lot of pressure for me. I always felt as if people would look at me more negatively than others and that they would judge me more critically than others. This basically led to a huge loss of my self-confidence.Even though I was very vulnerable in my state I always felt that my partner was my safe haven and that she loved me for who I am. But unfortunately my hair loss affected me so much that I changed. I wasn’t the person that I was before I lost my hair. Not anymore. And people who say that I was still the same only in different circumstances didn’t know what they were talking about. My hair loss corroded my self-confidence and therefore my character slowly but surely changed.Finally my girlfriend and I broke up. It was but to me inevitable. This was the tip of the iceberg. Now there was no safe haven anymore. Only the leftovers and memories of my former self. After a 5 months of grieving and reflecting. I figured out that I wanted to change something. I started to look after myself again. But I realized I had to tackle my biggest issue, which was the hair loss.I looked into all different sorts of solutions. Most of them scared me, as I didn’t want medication that could possibly make me impotent or painful surgery that would still leave me half bald. I finally found Total Cover Plus. I rang them and talked to Simon for about half an hour. He explained everything to me in detail and wasn’t pushy at all. He explained to me that it was up to me to decide if this was for me or not. I went for it as I wanted hair. The financial commitment was so low that I didn’t really have anything to lose and therefore my only possible decision was yes.The salon in London is trendy and Paul, the head stylist was so relaxed and understanding that I felt very comfortable instantly. Then I got my hair – And what can I say: It blew me away. I couldn’t believe it!!! It felt like my hair and it looked like my hair. Just bloody unbelievable.On that day I honestly believe my new life began. I walked home and this new self, felt much superior to my old self. I couldn’t believe it. I felt a genuine incredibly strong boost of confidence and I really felt the urge to meet people again. I went shopping and bought new clothes and also I started to go to the gym. I used to be very sporty but when I lost my hair I felt that I couldn’t be bothered. Now I felt it was time to head back to the gym. Everything seemed to be going really well.2 months ago and about 6 months since I started using the hair system I went out to a party. I met a woman. A really cute one! We instantly got on with each other and I could feel there was a positive vibe in the air. One thing came to the other and we ended up at her place. Only then I realised what would happen. She clearly wanted to be VERY CLOSE with me. So on the one hand I thought this was great, on the other hand I was a little concerned. If she got so close to me, would she notice the hair system? Will she find out, would she be able to feel it? But by the time I thought about it, it was too late to leave. So I had to jump in at the deep end. And she didn’t notice anything and I felt so good. This was the ultimate test to me.I couldn’t possibly have felt better.The hair system hasn’t only restored my hair but also my self-confidence and therefore my life. You guys asked me to tell you about my experience. This is it.Thank you Total Cover Plus.All the best,Adam

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