Male Pattern Baldness Signs And Stages

Male pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia, is the most common type of hair loss in adult males. It takes in many different signs and stage. For instance, it is not unheard of for males in their late teens to show signs of male pattern baldness. Many men though experience thinning hair in their twenties.The first sign of the condition though is invariably having a receding hairline. This commonly occurs when a man reaches his thirties. A person suffering from male pattern baldness may notice his hairline moving further up his forehead, forming an M shape. The mechanical cause of hair loss is thought to be due to the shrinking of the follicles in the hairline. The hair on the top of the head invariably falls out first, leaving a horseshoe-like area of hair around the crown. A man may notice that, as the top hair drops, the rest becomes shorter and finer. The hair around the crown will eventually fall out too.There is no real way of knowing how quickly a man with male pattern baldness will lose his hair. Looking at the progression of hair loss in male relatives could help approximate the pattern, but it is not an exact measurement. Some men may lose their hair over a few years or all at once.There are numerous treatments around which claim to cure male pattern baldness. However, these wonder cures often fail and may be harmful or hazardous. They often have uncomfortable after affects or symptoms, which may be detrimental to your health. This is along with being expensive. Total Cover Plus will provide you with a harmless affordable hair system, to give you a full head of hair.If looking for the perfect way of concealing the symptoms of male pattern baldness, at whichever stage they may be, then arrange an appointment with us.No one may ever know you are showing the stages of male pattern baldness, if you choose our hair replacement treatment. We have helped people regain their confidence and discover a new lease of life.Our hair system, which takes just two hours, involves the implantation of real human hair onto a layer of artificial skin, placed on a person’s scalp. The scalp would have been cleaned and trimmed around the part of the head which was thinning. It then would have been washed with the leading shampoos and conditioners. The ContactSkin® Hair System, simulating full healthy hair, will then be applied to the scalp and cut and styled the way you like it.It will then look as if you have been blessed with vigorous, strong looking hair, obscuring any signs of your condition, at any stage.We will supply you with the most advanced, progressive hair replacement system available. You are in safe hands with Total Cover Plus.If you require further information telephone Total Cover Plus for free on 0800 689 0077.

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