Is There A Cure For Male Pattern Baldness?

Younger men always look to the older men in their lives and wonder if they will be the next to lose their hair. If you are concerned you may indeed be losing your hair, you may wish to know if there is a cure for male pattern baldness.This is the thinning of the top of the head which generally occurs in men in their early to mid-20s. The majority of those suffering from male pattern baldness will experience the symptoms by the age of 30. It is common for patches of bald spots to appear on the top of the head. This may only be the beginning of the process, which is why so many men are seeking a cure for male pattern baldness.Unfortunately though, the fact of the matter is, there is no cure for this condition.There are many products and treatments though professing to be a cure. They say they can stop male pattern baldness and help your hair grow back. There are numerous firms offering procedures, drugs or lotions, along with carrying out hair transplants, to provide you with an immediate solution for baldness, but these often fail.For instance, hair transplants are often considered a limited treatment for male pattern baldness, as they may only treat a small bald patch on a person’s head. This could be because there isn’t enough hair to donate, in order to replace the hair that was lost. The procedure involves removing strips of hair follicles from the donor section of the head, to be placed on the bald section. This can leave long term scarring though.If considering undergoing a hair transplant, men should also understand that the procedure often results in the hair surrounding the implanted hair actually falling out. This is common for people who have had their temples filled in with implanted hair. The hairs around the area may eventually disappear. This could mean you have spent a lot of time and money on a process which looks unnatural and often proves to be only temporary, and may have to be repeated.There are various other ways people have tried to treat male pattern baldness. They have ranged from wearing toupees or wigs, which may be uncomfortable and ill fitting. Wigs will unfortunately never look real as they are not attached and therefore can’t mimic realistically how hair would flow. So no matter how expensive the result will always be nowhere near realistic.Some men may consider laser combing. It is believed to enhance the cellular metabolism in a person’s scalp, to strengthen hair follicles and resist DHT. This is said to combat male pattern baldness. Unfortunately though, laser combing cannot remove DHT.People also often consider using drugs, lotions or scalp pigmentation to treat their condition. These options however additionally have many drawbacks and possible unhealthy side effects.We have the most amazing hair replacement system, with a choice of two option packages available. You can receive the utmost impartial advice and information concerning hair loss and hair growth. This has made the Total Cover Plus Hair System such a great success. The procedure uses artificial skin and hair implantations, to give you the real looking hair you always wanted.There may not be a cure for male pattern baldness just yet, but you can look as though there is, by booking a consultation with Total Cover PlusIf you would like to know more, or set up an appointment, then why not free phone 0800 689 0077? You can also send an email, or complete our call back form.

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