How Much Is A Total Cover Plus Hair System?

Obviously, when it comes to hair replacement the most important thing is how good the solution looks. But of course the second most important thing is how much it costs. How much do you need to spend in order to go from being bald or thinning to having a full head of natural-looking and healthy hair?There are hundreds of companies out there that offer different hair loss solutions: lotions, wigs, toupees, transplants, scalp micro-pigmentation, drugs etc. But no matter how much you research online and offline, most companies make it almost impossible to find out how much it will cost you to achieve your goal, a full head of hair. Often, you have to contact their sales team in order to find out the pricing and while you enquire about how much their product costs they are already luring you in.We have ourselves been customers in the past who were looking for a hair loss solution and the reason we founded Total Cover Plus was that we never found a product that met our expectations, but we also felt that so many companies were trying to trick us into paying way too much for products that didn’t do what they promised. That is why we approach our business from the customers' perspective and, as a result, one of our main goals is to be as open and transparent as possible.Other hair loss companies usually sell one or two hair systems per year per customer. They make a lot of money with every single system by using inferior materials, so you end up with hair that looks and feels far from realistic. However, by charging you up to £3,000 per hair system as an UPFRONT COST, they earn enough money from one system that they can afford not to satisfy their customers. Once a customer has spent so much money one a single hair system they don't need them to come back.Our ethos is very different. We offer an honest and truthful solution and this only works if we can show you that we are honest about how our business works. We sell our hair systems at a fraction of the prices that other companies charge, even though we provide the highest quality standards, so we don't make much money from a single hair system. This means our business depends on our customers coming back regularly. This obviously only works if you actually want to come back to Total Cover Plus each time! And you will only come back to us if we provide you with a high quality product and meet your expectations. The consequence for us is that, regardless of how many systems you use per year, we always have to perform well. Every single time.Therefore, we believe in two very simple principles:You should be able to find out everything about our hair system before you decide to go for it, in order to be able to make an informed decision.You should know how much it will cost you.So how much will it cost you per year?Basically you can say it works a bit like a gym membership. This may sound like an odd analogy, but it really just shows that our hair system is something that everybody can afford. The key is do you want it and is it relevant for you? If you want it, then it is relevant for you.We offer the Total Cover Plus hair systems with two price options:PAY AS YOU GOJust like with a top up mobile phone, you only buy a new hair system when you need one. This means that whenever you think it is time to get a new hair system, you call the salon, book an appointment and then pay your hair system and the fitting fee (service charge) at the end of the appointment.This is a very simple and straightforward option. It involves no longterm commitment for you and, again, we have to convince you with our product and service so that you come back to us. A lot of our customers like this, because they are completely in control.The price for each hair system with standard specifications (top of the head, standard colour range and 15cm hair length) is£299 + Service ChargeThe service charge varies according to the salon. To find out the exact service charge for your closest salon you can contact us here or call the salon directly.SAVER DEALThis is a subscription-based service for our Total Cover Plus hair systems. This means that you sign up to pay a fixed rate on a monthly basis for your hair systems. The big advantage is that you pay conveniently via direct debit once a month.As you sign up for a specific period, we know how many systems you will be using, which allows us to adjust our production and shipping accordingly. This saves us money and we pass this saving on to you. By signing up for a saver deal you can save up to £600.00 per year.We have three different saver deals:12/06 You will be entitled to up to 6 hair systems. You will make a yearly saving of £126.12/09 You will be entitled to up to 9 hair systems. You will make a yearly saving of £303.12/12 You will be entitled to up to 12 hair systems. You will make a yearly saving of £600.The service charge has to be paid separately at our partner salon. The service includes the preparation of the scalp, application and customisation of the hair system, hair cut and styling.A lot of people find the saver deals much more convenient. However we recommend this mainly for customers who have been with Total Cover Plus for at least a few months, as you would need to see how long you can make your hair system last before you can actually choose the saver deal that works best for you. We don’t want you to commit to a monthly payment deal for a whole year without first having tried and experienced the Total Cover Plus hair system.Which of these two options you want to go for is entirely up to you. We want to enable you to make your own choice to find what suits you best and what makes you happiest.You can find out more right here on our website, email us here or talk to us on 0800 689 00 77.

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