Hair Loss Solutions from History

There are dozens of hair loss treatments available in these modern times, from wigs to surgery, but how did people from yesteryear deal with losing their hair? You may be surprised to learn that even the Ancient Egyptians had their own treatments for hair loss and baldness. Here are some of the most bizarre hair loss solutions from history.Ancient EgyptiansBack in 1500 B.C., a medical text was published which offered a whole range of treatments for hair loss. Named The Ebers Papyrus, this medical text was a particular favourite with the royalty in Ancient Egypt. Some of the methods included:Fats from crocodiles, hippos, tomcats, snakes and porcupine hair; this would then be boiled in water and applied to the affected scalp for four days. A donkey hoof cooked in oil, with the leg of a female greyhound. Again, this mixture would be applied to the scalp in an effort to combat hair loss. Wigs and fake beards were also a popular option with royalty, who were most concerned with losing hair.The Roman Comb OverThe comb over, as we know it today, was actually invented by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. He would grow his hair long in the back, then comb it over the top of his head to make it look like he had a full head of hair! Unfortunately, without the use of hairspray or gel, the hair would flop back pretty quickly and give away his secret. He then tried some home remedies, including ground up horse teeth, before opting for a laurel wreath to hide the hair loss.17th Century ToupeesAlthough toupees were used often in Ancient times, they quickly fell out of fashion until the 17th Century. King Louis XIII of France was a big fan of the toupee and would wear one to hide his baldness. The bigger the wig the better, in those times; most noblemen would compete for the curliest locks and dust their toupees with white powder. When the toupee made its way to America, it was used as a kind of status symbol. The more elaborate your toupee, the richer you were.Hoovering The HairIn 1936, The Crosley Corporation were sure they had invented the ultimate cure to hair loss with the Xervac. This machine would use suction, just like a vacuum cleaner, to try and coax hair out of the head. The wealthy could rent one of these for their home or opt for a visit to their local barbershop instead. Encased in a helmet, people were encouraged to just lay back and relax whilst the Xervac worked it's supposed magic. Unfortunately, nothing was ever proven to say that hoovering your hair follicles would make any difference.These unusual methods and treatments from history were popular with anyone combating hair loss or baldness. However, none of them really seemed to work very well. Luckily, we're in the 21st Century now and Total Cover Plus is a treatment that does work. Put down that porcupine and see what we can do for you instead.

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