Hair loss changes your life, but so does the right hair loss solution

It’s an obvious fact, but the ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ principle sits well with us. The video blogs from AJ, Mark and Steve all clearly show just how a Total Cover Plus system can transform someone’s appearance and, more importantly, let their real personality shine again.They are three very different people, yet all of them are young men who share the same outcome. Shockingly, for all three their hair loss issues started in their early twenties. This is now very common. Early loss of hair and general thinning is experienced by thousands of young men across the UK. And of course this makes many search for an effective solution. The first point of call? Google. That's where the comparisons and endless reading begin. You will all no doubt be familiar with many ‘solutions’ available on the market right now: cover up fibre sprays, scalp tattooing, wigs and transplants. All of our bloggers initially looked into these and some even tried them, but with no real success. The reason sadly being that, in terms of getting a full head of styleable hair, they simply don’t work. And to qualify this (as it’s an incredibly emotional and personal subject) we mean that the goal of all of our guys here was to have a head of hair. Normal, real looking hair. Hair they could style. They could live in. From getting onstage under bright lights as a musician to standing under hard lights in salons and so on. Real life living.AJ - the man of a thousand hatsAJ’s story is very familiar, being that of a young guy with a very heightened sense of fashion and style. He started to lose his hair, which meant the very defined look he wanted to achieve with his hair was taken away from him. His thinning hair was just impossible to hide. Like many young men, he began to use hair powders and then hats. He even claims that he ended up with the world’s biggest hat collection. But that hat comment always strikes a chord with us. We hear it from hundreds of clients, that attempt to hide their hair loss from the world and themselves. But the problem for many hair loss sufferers is that hats can’t be worn everywhere. There will always be moments when they have to reveal their hair loss to the world. And it merely heightens the low self-esteem hair loss can cause in people, especially young men in their early twenties. So for AJ to finally get hair was a revelation. His posture even changed as he sat receiving his system! Most importantly, he was then able to look the way he’d always felt he should. His style enabled him to wear his hair in different ways that meant he could go to work and go to a party, but always looking appropriate for his surroundings. He had control over his look again. And, in a way, also over his life and his view of it.Mark - the hairless hairdresserMark is a young guy with a bright and bubbly personality and is in the hair dressing business. His hair was rapidly thinning when we met him. Again, for Mark, being in his early twenties, hair loss was a very difficult thing to deal with and he was pretty frank about how low he felt. In our experience such feelings of helplessness can easily lead to depression and a withdrawal from many social situations. With clearly thinning hair Mark's styling options were severely limited, plus as part of his job he was exposed to young men with lots of hair on a daily basis, a painful reminder of his own very thin hair and exposed scalp. The lighting didn’t help either: salons need to have clear and sharp lighting. Mark, like many young men, had also mentioned that in the bathrooms of clubs and bars the halogen lighting often almost lights up balding scalps that aren't covered by hair, making him feel uncomfortable even when he is out with friends having fun. It’s a bit of a downer.Happily, Mark was perfect for our system. And the look on his face when he received his first system confirmed that to everyone who saw him. The process is so simple that anybody can make the decision to get a hair system, safe in the knowledge that they can get a positive result without any fuss. Looking at Mark you can see he has clearly regained his confidence and is now his old self again, he is the Mark he was before he lost his hair. Obviously, it is both an emotional and a financial commitment to invest in a Total Cover Plus hair system. However, it's clear that Mark knew he had the potential to achieve a great look. As you will see, the results took him completely by surprise. His face says it all.Steve - the musician who lost his grooveSteve’s story will sound familiar to anyone who has looked at our blogs going back for many years. Steve first joined us way back in 2010! He was a young musician who admitted that his hair loss had had a very profound and negative impact on him. It had fundamentally changed his opinion of himself, how others saw him and how he had to deal with the world. His was in a band who were doing very well. They began touring Europe and were receiving a lot of media exposure. Steve talked of wearing a hat, holding back onstage, keeping his head down and disappearing into the background in pictures. Not a happy guy, all due to his hair loss. Like many people he didn’t quite believe we could do what we say we can. Who could blame him?The internet is full of companies offering instant and ‘affordable’ solutions that all turn out to be anything but (we know, since the unlucky ones find us afterwards and tell us their horror stories). But Steve, in his own words, ‘went for it’. When we met him he was at his lowest. And he changed, overnight, from a socially anxious and withdrawn person to a happier, more outgoing person with a positive outlook on life. And why the change? Because he could look at himself and see himself, the way he wanted to and was meant to look. It gave himself back to himself.We see this a lot. It is true that it bothers some people a lot less than others. But conversely it devastates some people to an extent where they are clinically depressed. In fact, Steve’s videos have inspired countless other young men to try our systems. They see someone like themselves in the same position. Changed. It's a simple process, but, as we say, it’s also not just the system. It’s also the skill of the stylist to deliver that perfect cut and look. We really have to praise all the stylists who deliver such fantastic results for us using the Total Cover Plus systems. UK wide and beyond, their dedication to their craft gives clients that sense of comfort and security. Every visit means perfect hair. It is their expertise and keen eye that delivers the amazing results you can see in our blogs and pictures. Steve is no exception, he gets his look every time. The look he chooses, the one that makes him feel like himself. He is a guy with hair. He looks great and feels great too. It’s really that simple.

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