Hair Loss Across the World

Hair loss is a common problem worldwide, with some countries seeing a higher rate than others. Every country also has its own way of dealing with hair loss that tie in with their lifestyle and culture. Let's take a look at hair loss across the world, from the country with the highest number of reported cases to different countries' treatment ideas.Nearly 60 Million SufferersThe U.S has the most reported cases of hair loss in the world, with nearly 60 million people experiencing symptoms in a 2012 survey. Over 35 million men and 21 million women in the U.S were thought to have been suffering from some form of hair loss; with the most common being male pattern baldness. Americans also spend the most on hair loss treatments, coming in at a whopping $3.5 billion. Despite spending so much money on pills and potions, experts say that 99% of the treatments are ineffective as a long term cure.87% Unaware of Hair Loss TreatmentIn stark contrast to the billions spent on hair loss treatments in the U.S, men from the UK are thought to be clueless when it comes to treatment. 87% of men surveyed said that they were completely unaware of any hair loss treatment that could help with their shedding or baldness. It is thought that men in the U.K are more likely to lose their hair than any other country in Europe, thanks to hereditary male pattern baldness and stress induced alopecia. Despite being the most likely people in Europe to lose hair, British men are also the most likely to do nothing about it.Female Hair LossThis fact finding mission also discovered that people living in Asia were the least likely to lose their hair, with fewer hairs being lost each day even with conditions such as alopecia. However, it was found that Asian women were more likely to experience hair loss compared to Caucasian females. Afro-Caribbean women were also far more likely to see hair loss or shedding, compared to any other. Many people believe that this is due to tight hairstyles and braids, which can cause a form of alopecia.Worldwide TreatmentsDifferent countries and cultures have different methods and treatment ideas when it comes to dealing with hair loss. In the Western World there are dozens of different 'quick fixes', pills, potions and even surgical treatments. In the U.S alone hundreds of thousands of people seek out hair restoration procedures, such as hair transplants on a yearly basis, explaining their billions of dollars spent on hair loss treatments! However, in less developed countries not everybody has the money to spend on expensive treatments. In some parts of the world, ancient techniques are still used to encourage hair growth. In place of modern medicines, treatments are made up of plant and animal extracts.Although people from around the world experience hair loss at different rates, the impact it can have on their life is the same. Don't be one of the 87% of people who do nothing about it, get in contact with Total Cover Plus right away.

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