Hair is as important as clothes in order to create our self-image - Hair loss takes away choices

Hair loss is a devastating condition that sadly affects so many in the UK and even though we come to accept it as a normal part of ‘getting older’, nothing will prepare us or help us to deal with hair loss – and that’s just standard hair loss. Illness, stress and premature balding can all cause hair loss, which makes it even more important that we find ways to accept and deal with this confidence crushing condition.When you get ready in the morning, you’ll want to make sure that every inch of you is presentable – it makes you feel good and gets you off to the best start to the day possible. Including your hair. Sadly, hair loss takes away this factor, limits your choices and in effect takes away a part of your personality, given that so many of us are recognised by our hair styles as much as our faces and dress sense. Whilst some people are able to just ‘get on with it’ and put their energy into the rest of their appearance, others can be left feeling insecure and vulnerable and not really know what to do about it.What Can I Do?One of the most obvious answers is to embrace it. Most forms of hair loss are permanent (excluding treatment options) and therefore you may need to start turning your hair loss into a positive thing. Put more effort and focus into the rest of your appearance, as well as trying accessories that you may not have used before, such as hats and glasses. Experimenting with your look is the best way to find out what suits you and can help you discover things that you may not have tried before.Unfortunately, for many, the above simply isn’t an option and instead they would rather try out some radical hair loss treatments. These include treatments such as hair transplants, permanent wigs/toupees, drugs and even tattoos. Many of these treatments are expensive and painful and can bring you more misery than you had in the first place because of disappointing results and side effects from treatments.Many companies will tell you false or unrealistic claims about treatments for hair loss. This can knock your confidence further and raise your hopes unfairly that you will be able to seek effective treatment for hair loss. Fortunately, there are some solutions available to help you deal with hair loss and Total Cover Plus can offer you advice on these.AlternativesTotal Cover Plus’s own hair replacement solution is one way of getting some of your confidence back, and whilst it cannot ever make your own hair grow back, it can help to replace what you have lost and help you feel like yourself again.

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