Why Is Hair So Important For Our Self Image?

We’ve all been victims of a bad hair cut, and experienced how devastating it feels. But what is it about our hair that we feel defines us? Is hair really our crowning glory or is just a little extra insulation that helps us through the winter months?Dramatic hair styles can really alter the way we feel about ourselves, as well as altering our look. Long hair can make people look drawn, especially if it is lank and thin. Cropped hair can bring out the eyes and cheekbones. Colouring your hair can brighten up your skin tone and make you look more youthful, or even make you look washed out if you go too dark. Hair can actually make our faces look different, as well as giving a different feel about who we are.It’s not just women who people judge by their hair, you can also tell a lot about a man by his hair style. If I start talking about a businessman I know, you’ll no doubt immediately put him in a suit and keep his hair short and neat. If I say soldier, you may conjure up images of someone with a crew cut. The rock guitarist may make you think of longer styles. Your hair instantly tells others about what you might do professionally, it displays how neat and clean you are, how much attention you give to your appearance and can even hint at your personality. Those with wayward, untamed hair are often more creative and artistic, while those opting for a more conventional style may be more traditional and cautious.Your hair also gives an indication of health. Of course when we see someone with brittle, dry tresses we don’t consciously think they have a poor diet or are perhaps a little dehydrated, but on a certain level we will acknowledge that they may be less healthy than their friend with the thick, glossy, lustrous mane. Thinning hair, receding hair lines and male pattern baldness also have associations with aging.It’s all these reasons that feed our fascination with hair. Your hair can affect your attractiveness to the opposite sex, give an indication of your health and even hint at if you are wealthy or not. This is why hair is so important to our self image.Hair isn’t like an outfit that can be carefully selected to suit the occasion. Our hair is part of us and grows on us, of course it is a reflection of who we are. In fact, it is the one part of our body that we can dramatically alter and change. We can change our weight through exercise and diet but our basic body shape will stay the same We can even change our eye colour with contact lenses but our eye shape won’t alter. With our hair, we can make immense changes that will make us look healthier, more in control, more professional, more creative, more attractive and more alluring.Professional products such as Total Cover Plus can even add a natural looking, thick and healthy head of hair to those who are suffering from male pattern baldness or thinning and receding hair. People with a full head of hair can have their hair cut, styled and coloured in a way that makes them feel more confident and attractive. The possibilities are endless.So of course hair is vitally important for self image, but the good news is that there are plenty of options out there for all of us to keep looking and feeling fabulous.

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