Do Women Find Men With Hair More Attractive?

Many men believe that losing their hair makes them less attractive to the opposite sex, but is there any truth in this concept and are there women out there who perhaps even prefer men with less hair?Biologically, having a full head of hair is associated with virility and youth, so many assume that those with thinning hair, male pattern baldness or a receding hair line may have less luck with the ladies. Scientists have discovered that many women see men who are bald and have shaved their head as dominant and more manly. A recent survey, in which participants were shown 60 images of men with varying amounts of hair, concluded that the bald men were ranked as more “masculine, strong and dominant with greater leadership potential.” In fact, there are plenty of women out there who actually prefer a bald man. One of my best girl friends is obsessed with bald men and finds her husband far more physically attractive since he went bald. In fact, she really wants him to wet shave his head, but he is having none of it!So does this mean that every woman goes weak at the knees when she sees a bald man? Unfortunately not, because thinning and patchy hair and receding hair lines don’t invoke the same powerful image that celebrities such as Bruce Willis are renowned for. Studies reveal that it is a bald head that is shaved that invokes the most passionate feelings from certain women. Besides, to carry off the strong, masculine and bald look, you need to have a strong, masculine build and a dominant air, otherwise the baldness will be associated with a possible lack of virility and old age.Now not all women are attracted by the dominant male, and like most physical characteristics, there are some women who love bald men and others who simply don’t see the appeal. The real crunch is how the man feels about himself. If a man is self-conscious about his hair loss and starts to feel less attractive then he will no doubt project this feeling of inadequacy and people will pick up on it. For men who do struggle with embracing their hair loss, there is no shame and they will no doubt find that their confidence improves once they find a solution to their hair loss.There are plenty studies around that rate the top qualities that women are looking for in a man: it is more characteristics of personality such as intelligence, attentiveness, generosity, romance and a sense of humour. In fact, all of the studies that list the top qualities women look for in a man only contain aspects of personality. This is great news for men who may not be as happy about their appearance. However, when asked to pinpoint the most desirable physical characteristics women listed eyes first, followed by a shapely bum and finally hair. Most women who take part in such surveys state that they really like a full head of thick hair, especially if it is dark. Dark means mysterious and is a real pull for many women.So where does this evidence leave us? There are obviously women who love a full head of hair, so much so that they rank it in the top three physical attributes that they are looking for in a lover. However, many women adore the bald look, especially when it means a shaved head and a dominant attitude. The truth is, there is no definite rule about what makes a man attractive and we are all drawn to different types of people (both personality wise and physically). The most important thing is to feel confident and attractive in yourself. Take the measures that make you feel wonderful and others will be drawn to you too.

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